Kennard and Phillipps

Michael Wolf

Protest of the imminent invasion of Iraq. Revulsion with government policy at home and abroad has always been the driving force behind their collaborative projects, UK, 2002.


■ The architecture of density
德國攝影家 Michael Wolf Website,將香港獨有的樓宇景象拍下來,居住在香港的人從相片領會到一種壓迫感。但從藝視的角度來看,它有著排列對稱、均衡、細緻、機械式、實景圖像的美感,美化了現實環境。這樣像素 (Picture Cell) 式組合圖像,可歸屬於資訊藝術 (Information Art) 的一類。
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Thomas Weir

David Hockney David Hockney


Thomas Weir (American, born in 1935) Renée Oracle 1968-1970 (Nude lying on back in landscape),1968. Cyanotype, 33×33cm. Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas. My Mother, Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire, November 1982.(Photographic Collage) Stephanie Barron, September 5th 1990. (Still video composite)


Herbert Bayer

Herbert Bayer (American, born inAustria, 1900-1985). Collecton Self-Portrait, 1932. Gelatin-silver print from rephotographed photo-montage, 34×24cm. Cincinnati Art Museum.