To tell you the truth, I find the concept "art" a bit of a dilemma. What one person calls "art" is often not "art" for another. "Beautiful" and "ugly" are old-fashioned concepts that are only rarely brought into the picture nowadays ─ maybe rightfully so, who is to say? Something repellent, something that gives you a moral hangover, something that hurts your eyes or ears can still be art!
          Only when the sentiment is kitsch is it not art; we all agree on that. Certainly, but what is kitsch? If only I knew that! I find such determinations of value based on feelings too subjective and vague. If I'm not mistaken, the words "art" and "artist" did not yet exist during and before the Renaissance. Architects, sculptors, and painters as the time were simply considered practitioners of craft.
          The graphic arts are also an honest craft, and I consider it a privilege to be a member of the guild of graphic artists. Cutting with a gouge or engraving with a burin in a woodblock polished mirror smooth is not something on which you necessarily pride yourself; it is simply a pleasant type of work. The only thing is that as you get older it takes more time and effort and the chips fly somewhat less tempestuously about your workbench than they used to.
          So I am a graphic artist with heart and soul, but the rating "artist" makes me feel to a little embarrassed.


M.C. Escher

Escher Exploring Philosophy
(The Philosophy of Escher's
work is Uncertainty of


Quote form acceptance speech by M.C.Escher upon receiving the Culture Prize of Hilversum on March 5, 1965

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By Chien-Ju Peng
Music "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies" by Kevin MacLeod

大師 Escher 是位 Knowledge art 藝術家,他的作品蘊含哲學思想。現將其部分名作製成動畫,值得一看!